Is It Worth Getting Medicine Interview Coaching For Your MMIs?

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Medicine interview coaching takes two main forms – either a course, or a tutor. MMI interview coaching can be very useful for many students, whilst others may feel that they are already set up well enough that they don’t need to make the investment. Here we’ll consider the benefits of both an MMI course and a Medicine interview tutor.

MMI Interview Courses

Interview courses are a great solution for many students, as they require a lesser investment in terms of both time and money. A typical interview course will take place over just one day, and will pack as much preparation as possible into that day.

A schedule might therefore be something like:

9am – Greet the tutors, introduction to MMIs and core concepts that you need to be aware of
10am – Begin rotating through a range of stations, each with feedback to ensure that the student answering it is able to learn and build from the experience. Expect to take it in turns in a small group of students, with the others listening.
12am: Brief break for lunch
1230: Continue rotating through students, again taking it in turns to answer the question, with the others in the small group listening.
1430: Half an hour of core approaches to stations, led by the tutor lead
1500: Time for questions and answers

You’ll need to look around for the best Medicine interview course – there’s a number of options available. The Blackstone Tutors course is a good option, with tutors who are from leading universities, good reviews from students that have taken part, and solid techniques that they will teach you during the day.

Ensure that the course you choose offers a representative range of stations, covering each of the main areas that you would encounter in an MMI; that the provider makes mention of specific approaches and techniques that they will teach you; that the provider makes use of doctors and medical students from top medical schools to conduct their teaching. 

Medicine Interview Tutor

A tutor will offer the same benefits as an MMI course, and more on top. The principal advantage of having a tutor is that they will be able to cater preparation specifically towards you. That means a detail assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, and focus prep to develop you into as strong a candidate as is possible.

It’s entirely expect that, over the long time you spend preparing for MMIs, you will become distract or lose focus at some points. A tutor can help you structure your preparation, and you’ll also be guarantee efficient, effective preparation each time that you log in with them.

Tutors are able to provide much more feedback than you are likely to receive elsewhere – even during an MMI interview course. They’ll be able to break down your performance over time, and give you guidance on where you need to improve.

They will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do to get better, and also be able to adjust the level and content to suit you. This adjustability is something that will be lacking from a course.

Tutors are a great investment for many, and should be deployed after you have built up some initial knowledge, rather than right at the start of your preparation. BlackStone Tutors are once again a good option, with all their tutors having undergone an extensive vetting process.

Make sure that you choose an agency which has good knowledge of their tutors, and ideally which will be able to provide tutors who know the universities that you are interested in.


For most students, MMI interview coaching or an MMI course is a sensible addition to the rest of your preparation – they will make the process smoother and more efficient.

Even something like looking for MMI interview sample questions can be made much simpler if you have someone working alongside you with all the resources that you need available.

Ensure that you use this valuable adjunct to your preparation wisely – that means working steadily and effectively yourself, and using a tutor or preparation course to add to the work that you have already done. They will be able to help you much more if you can already demonstrate some knowledge and reflections. 

Sophie Brown

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