5 tips to help you drink more water

1. Prepare in advance
Try to put a glass of water beside your bed every night. This way when you wake up, you can start your day with a glass of water. By doing this, you already have a glass of water done. Doing this is also good for starting the day. You have an entire night of no hydration so it’s good to hydrate your body first thing in the morning.
2. Download an app
There are many apps where you can keep track of your water intake. After drinking your glass of water every morning, you open the app and add it. Now, you can keep track of how far you must go to reach the amount of water you want to reach in a day.
3. Keep a reusable water bottle with you
Since I bought a reusable water bottle, I drink a lot more water than before. To maximize this tip, it is better to buy one that has a filter build in. This way, you can refill the bottle anywhere that has a sink and the water will be drinkable. Now, you can also save money on plastic water bottles.
4. Add a flavour to your water
A lot of people find it difficult to drink water because they simply don’t like it. Try adding fresh fruits to your water bottle. This way the water will have a different and refreshing taste. It will be easier to drink. Adding a lime or lemon will also be good for your health!
5. Remind yourself
We live in a generation where your phone can help you a lot with different thinks. For example, remind you when you need to do thinks. There are different apps where you can add a reminder for yourself to, in this case, drink water. Let it remind you for a number of times each day and there you go! You’ll remember to drink water and after a while it will be build in that much you won’t need the app anymore.