Benefits of Getting a Wood-effect Porcelain Floor

Wood-effect Porcelain Floor

You might be thinking about changing the floor in your home. One option is wood-effect porcelain flooring. It is important to plan and choose the right materials when changing the floor or bathroom of a house.

One of the most sought-after is wood-effect porcelain floors. They are elegant, versatile in their designs, easy to maintain, and very resistant.

According to the basement renovations of Wasaga beach Specialists, the wood-effect porcelain flooring is an option if you prefer a wooden floor, but it’s not the best for your home.

What is wood-effect porcelain flooring?

A trend that mimics wood flooring is a ceramic tile which has been in the market for a while. This is a printed, textured simulation of ceramic flooring that has the texture and appearance of a parquet.

It is a material that adds elegance to any room in your house. However, before you decide if it is the right choice, you need to understand its main characteristics.

The characteristics of stoneware floors that mimic wood have improved in recent years. They reproduce the look and feel of wood floors in a realistic way.

The main advantages of ceramic Marquet

Ceramic parquet has many benefits, as you can see in the following list.

  • Provides excellent resistance. Ceramic parquet resists water, humidity, and heat. It can also withstand fire, blows, fire, and most cleaning products. You can even find special pavements for exteriors.
  • Easy maintenance It doesn’t require polishing or waxing and can be cleaned using almost any cleaning product.
  • It doesn’t change. Ceramic parquet doesn’t change from solar radiation. It does not lose its color, age, or lose its shine.
  • It can be used in different ways, just like wood.

Wood imitation Tiles: Characteristics to Consider

If the wood-look tiles are of high quality, they can sometimes be cheaper than other wood-look options like laminate parquet.

Placing requires skilled personnel and work. This is because this stoneware requires skilled professional renovators. Due to the large pieces, the ground must be level.

How to lay wood-look tiles

These tips will allow you to determine when ceramic parquet is most appropriate.

  • This is ideal for areas in the home that receive a lot of foot traffic such as bathrooms and kitchens where traditional wooden parquet suffers less.
  • It can be used in wet areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen. You can also request a non-slip finish so it can be used, for instance, as a shower tray.
  • It is cheaper than some types of solid wooden decking.
  • Wood-effect porcelain stoneware is timeless and classic in design. It will not wear out quickly.
  • Ceramic conducts heat more than wood. The wood-effect porcelain floor is ideal for underfloor heating.

Porcelain floor maintenance

It is recommended to wait 5-6 days after the porcelain floor has been installed before you do your first cleaning.

To smoothen the floor, we first need to remove any cement remnants from the ceramic tiles. You can do this with a hard-toothed mop and a cement-removing acid-descaling product.

Floor maintenance is easy starting with the first cleaning. This type of floor does not require special care. Many products can be used to mop or scrub it.

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