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Born on 3 August 1975, How old Nasubi age is 47 Years Old by 2023. Nasubi was created and raised to Fukushima City (Fukushima Prefecture), Japan. He currently lives at Fukushima City, Japan as well. Nasubi is just a resident of Japan. He adheres to the beliefs of Buddhism (speculated in reports).

Nasubi’s senior senior school is reviewed. Nasubi began his education at an elementary school in the area. He then attended the location middle school. After his studies in middle school have been completed, he chose to visit the location high school. He graduated from the location senior senior school and determined to relocate his studies. Whilst to accomplish this, he went to an establishment in the area. nasubi comedian finished his studies at an establishment in your community and later embarked on a comedy career.


Tomoaki Hamatsu , a stand-up comedian from Japan. He was detained in a condo by Susunu! Denpa Shnen was a reality-TV show broadcast on Nippon Television. Nasubi was in circumstances of destitution, including no clothing, was shut removed from any outside connection or broadcasting and had only newspapers to help keep him entertained. tomoaki hamatsu net worth is $1.5 million.

Nasubi was awarded the modern Guinness record in the world for “greatest time and energy to survive on the rear of a win in a competition” after spending 335 days to achieve his goals. Nasubi was ahead of the camera, in the midst of the sweepstakes prizes , and was profitable of a lot of postcards as an incentive for participating in the sweepstakes.

While he was facing the camera, he used the eggplant being an emoji to cover the camera. His name was changed from there to Nasubi which can be a mention of eggplant in Japanese.

He was blinded, dressed, and then taken to a secret location upon achieving the location. He walked in with smiling face confident that Nasubi would certainly be rewarded for his work. He awoke to locate himself at the airport in South Korea, where he was led through the city before being taken to a blindfolded apartment.

It lasted for 15 months by which his rants to be isolated from the entire world were a huge hit in Japan. The comic didn’t succeed in the world of TV variety regardless of the hardships the technique he underwent to become top-quality comic.

He made himself an artist from Fukushima along with a remarkable theatre performer, and he formed The stage company Eggplant Way. The comedian then appeared on stage in Densha Otoko Atashinchi not Danshi Trick alongside Kamen Rider W as Watchman.

Salary and Net Worth of Nasubi in 2023

There’s no way to calculate the sum total assets of a person or simply just how much is earning on a monthly basis since most of us know it is nearly impossible.

Centered on different sources Net worth is an estimate of assets. What’s Nasubi’s current net worth? By 4 seasons 2022 Nasubi is worth $1.5 Million.

More on his Professional Background

He tried to convince individuals to stick to the disciplined stay-at home order following the 1st COVID-19 outbreak that occurred in April of 2020 through a mention of the own personal experience of self-isolation.

Tomoaki Hamatsu also played as a fresh player in 428: Shibuya Scramble. Additionally, following two unsuccessful attempt in 4 seasons 2014 alongside in 2015, Tomoaki Hamatsu successfully climbed Mt. Everest in 2016. Read more

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