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F87 M2

The BMW F87 M2 was created by BMW’s sports division, BMW M GmbH, and is an elevated sports coupe variant of the BMW 2 Series. The 2 Series F22/F23 is a direct descendant of the 1 Series M Coupe, discontinued in 2015. It was initially introduced in 2015. In addition to its superior suspension and braking systems, the M2 also has a turbocharged inline-six engine, rear-wheel drive, and an aerodynamic design. There are two transmission options: a 6-speed manual and a 7-speed dual-clutch. The car’s renowned characteristics include its responsive yet composed ride, potent yet efficient powertrain, and eye-catching exterior. Since it has excellent handling and speed, it has been praised by experts and fans. However, there are several modifications that the vehicle needs too. 

BMW carbon fiber parts

Carbon fiber trunk spoiler 

BMW’s M Division has created a high-performance tiny executive sedan called the F87 M2. For better aerodynamics and visual appeal, you can equip your automobile with a carbon fiber trunk spoiler, an aftermarket addition. Most commonly, these spoilers are attached to the car’s trunk and manufactured from carbon fiber, a lightweight and strong material. The BMW F87 M2’s aggressive appearance is enhanced by adding a carbon fiber trunk spoiler, which also increases downforce and, in turn, the vehicle’s stability and grip at high speeds. These spoilers are produced by aftermarket manufacturers and sold via various outlets.

Carbon fiber front lip

The BMW F87 M2 can improve its compatibility with air and visual appeal by adding a carbon fiber front lip, an aftermarket item. These front lips are designed to attach to the front bumper of the vehicle and are often constructed from carbon fiber, light, and sturdy material. This lip is installed on the front of the automobile to enhance handling by increasing aerodynamics and to give the vehicle a bold and more athletic appearance. Furthermore, it aids the vehicle in staying planted even when accelerated. Aftermarket firms usually create these front lips, and you can get your hands on them from a number of suppliers.

Carbon fiber rear diffuser

The BMW F87 M2 benefits from adding the carbon fiber rear diffuser, a high-performance aftermarket component that improves streamlined ness and visual appeal. Mounted at the bottom of the trunk lid, a rear diffuser improves a car’s aerodynamics by decreasing air turbulence and increasing downforce.

The rear diffuser is being replaced with a carbon fiber version that is lighter and stronger than the original. The diffuser’s shape and function can enhance the vehicle’s high-speed stability and grip by directing more air to the vehicle’s rear. The post-market company also provides professional installation services for this diffuser.

Carbon fiber front hood 

The BMW F87 M2 can benefit from adding the carbon fiber front hood, an aftersales item that improves the car’s looks and aerodynamics. Its purpose is twofold: to improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics while giving the car a more athletic and aggressive appearance.

Carbon fiber, a popular material for aftermarket parts because of its lightweight and durability, was used to create the hood, which can be swapped out for the factory one by a trained mechanic.

The hood gives the car a more audacious appearance while also reducing weight up front, which can enhance the vehicle’s handling and performance.

However, the installation of replacement components may void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Before buying, it’s also a good idea to be sure the hood will fit your make, model, and year of the automobile.

Final words

The advent of new technology has brought forward the opportunity to upgrade vehicles. The most common material used in BMW carbon fiber parts raises the car’s standard in performance and looks. So, if one is looking for ways to boost the car’s overall working, install carbon fiber products.

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