Toothpaste manufacturers use calcium phosphate

Toothpaste manufacturers use calcium phosphate as a whitening agent. This means that it bleaches your teeth and makes them whiter than natural teeth.

But, does this really make your teeth whiter? We don’t think so. Most of us already know that a toothbrush with a whitening agent won’t actually whiten our teeth. Using toothpaste that is made from animal ingredients won’t make your teeth whiter either.

In fact, it will make your teeth darker. Many teeth whitening Vegan toothpaste products contain hydrofluoric acid, which can be harmful to your teeth. A study found that there was a high risk of developing fluorosis if a child used a fluoridated toothpaste.

The main problem with fluoride is that it causes an increase in the amount of plaque on your teeth. You can help yourself to remove plaque if you brush your teeth twice a day.

Sophie Brown

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