10 Things about me

10 Things about me

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  1. I love to game. Mostly on the PlayStation. At the moment, I am obsessed with Call of Duty – WW2. But my favourite game of all time will forever be Assassins Creed 🙂
  2. My favourite food is potatoes. Yes, I know. Super weird. But you can do so much with them! Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew (Comment if you know where that’s from). No, for real, those things are amazing.
  3. If someone asked me to pick a favourite colour, I would have to say grey. And after they tell me that’s not a colour I would have to say I don’t know. I like dark blue, dark green, dark red but also pastel colours. Really, I couldn’t choose. Except for grey. I really like grey. You won’t even believe me if I told you how many grey sweaters I own.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  4. I am a big Eminem fan. Love him. Last year I went to my first concert of him and it was one of the best days of my life. I saw him at the Glasgow summer sessions. Maybe I cried, maybe I didn’t. It was a good day. He performed in Nijmegen, Netherlands not too long ago and I saw him there too.
  5. Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities. Even though, I have only been there twice. It feels so good when I am there. The architecture and the mysterious vibes I get are so cool. In the restaurants there are a lot of vegetarian/vegan options as well which is great!
  6. I am a vegetarian. Have been for two years now. Eventually I want to go vegan. But right now, I keep it at vegetarian. If I can I’ll eat vegan. Just the restriction of not eating it at all makes it difficult for me.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  7. My cat Paris is my everything. Some say it’s an obsession other say it’s cute. I say she is the most beautiful cat in the world with the best personality. Yes, cats have a personality. She is the nicest cat you’ll ever meet. When I get home she’ll greet me, she sleeps in my bed, loves cuddles and enjoys attention.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  8. Action films or science fiction films are my favourite. Marvel, Star Wars, war films, supernatural, Sons of Anarchy and many more. I am obsessed with watching films and series. Also like to analyse them. (comment your favourite film or series below!).
  9. The film I loved the most from my childhood has to be Anastasia. I watched that movie all the time. When I was sick at home, when I was happy, sad, tired. Any time, any day. Off course this means I know all the songs by heart. And you bet that I sing along with them.
  10. My favourite animals are all the animals related to cats. But I love lions the most. They have a special place in my heart. Those majestic little bastards are so beautiful. My cat reminds me of a lion so maybe that’s why. I like the Canadian lynx, cheetah, mountain lion and the tigers.

 Travel Diary – Edinburgh

I have been to Edinburgh for two times already. And I’ve fallen in love with the city. I am planning to go again soon. Even study there for a bit as well.

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You can go see Victoria street which is a street build on a street. Sounds weird, I know. But it creates this beautiful medieval image you have to see.

On this road, there are two Harry Potter shops. The Diagon House and the Boy Wizard are the two shops you should see if you are a fan of the boy who lived.


On the off chance the weather is nice (for Scotland this means no rain), you should visit the Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh. From Princess street it is 15-18 minutes by bus or half an hour by foot. It’s this big park with botanic gardens inside of it. As a student you can go in for free but else, it is not expensive. The park itself is free for everyone.

Inside the Botanic Gardens you’ll see all kinds of tropical trees, flowers and other plants. There is this one room full of cacti which was my favourite. They did there best to make it as beautiful as they could.


Being the Supernatural fan that I am, when I heard of Dean Village I had to go see it. It has no relation with the tv show but I still had to see it.

it is this fairy-tale like village with an amazing architecture. If you go there from Belford Rd. near the Britannia Hotel, you’ll have to walk next to the water of leigh which is a small walk but worth it. Follow this road until you are in the middle of the village. Here you can see the architecture and a little further The Dean Bridge.


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Again, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you should go to the City Chambers. No, it is not underground. It is next to the Real Mary King’s Close. Here you can find J. K. Rowling’s handprints on the ground. Yes, I know, pretty cool. If you want, like me, you can check if you have the hands of a writer. Fun fact, mine where an exact match 🙂


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The one thing everyone will want to see is, off course, the Edinburgh castle. You will have to pay an entrance fee but, again, worth it. After entering you can join a free guide who will tell you all about the history of the castle. Be sure to go before 1 a.m. At this time the canon will go off to let everyone know it is one o’clock. Be warned, it is LOUD. After the tour you can wander around for yourself and go inside different buildings. Visit the Whiskey shop if you want. Again, worth your money.

Tips to deal with anxiety

Dealing with anxiety is a daily accurance. It almost never goes away. Because of this, it can sometimes get in the way of your normal day to day activities. Having dealt with anxiety myself for many years, here are a few tips that have helped me on many occasions.

I am starting with the one that has helped me the most and that is downloading an app that helps people with anxiety. This may seem straightforward, but I have had people look at me funny when I tell them I have the app Calm on my phone to help me.
Now, there are a dozen different apps to download and use but Calm is the one I chose. It has many different things to help you. Not only when you have an anxiety attack but also to help you understand and control your anxiety. There are different subjects that it can help you with. For example, stress, focus, self-care or personal growth.

My favourite one is Breathe. This is the one I wanted to talk about. It shows a circle that in turn shows you when to breathe in, hold and breath out again. For me, this has helped a lot during my anxiety attacks.

Anxiety is something that, for the most part, goes on in our heads. So, it can be a good idea to write down any thoughts you have that you think that relate to your anxiety. What I mean by this is that there are moments where you won’t do something because a voice in your head tells you not to. Write this down. This way, you can see what activities, which places or even which people are difficult areas for you. When you know the cause, you can start the process of overcoming your anxiety.

You don’t only have to write about the negative things. One day, you will have ignored that voice in your head and still went to that restaurants with your friends! It may seem as a small win, but you should be very proud of yourself. Write it down in your journal so you can look back at your wins at a later time when things are starting to get bad again.

During an anxiety attack I, for example, want to be alone to catch my breath and calm myself down. Offcourse this will be different from anyone else. But, for the people who are like me in this department, you can take a break from whatever you are doing to calm yourself down. This is something I struggled with for a long time. I would wait until the evening when I was alone to finally deal with the attack. Holding it in is only making it worse. Tell the person, or don’t if you don’t want to, that you need to calm down for a minute.

This one time I was with my niece in the city centre of Edinburgh on a very busy day. When I woke up that day I knew that I was extra sensitive to the things around me which makes the anxiety worse. And sure enough, when I was in the middle of a Primark store, I could take it anymore. I told my niece, who actually knows about my anxiety, that I had to get away from the people for a minute. Luckily, there was a park across the street so we went in the park and sat on the grass. I opened my Calm app and breathed for a couple of minutes.

Now, I know that there aren’t onvenient parks everywhere. I was very lucky for this. But you can go to the bathroom or any other room then the room you are in. And if you are outside then find a quiet spot you can calm down. It is worth it trust me.

After my little breakdown in the park and my breathing exercises I felt so much better. The extra sensitivity was gone, and I could enjoy the day again. It all comes down to either letting yourself have the breakdown or not but calming down after. Try to adjust what I told you to make it the best for you.

Another thing that helps me a lot is reading books, watching shows or films. It is a way of not dealing with your own life for a minute and focus on someone else’s. This is a temporary solution! It will not ‘fix’ your anxiety. But, on stressful days it can help calm you down. I know some people don’t like to read or watch shows and films, but, I am sure that there is something else that can take your mind of the stressful thoughts.

You don’t have to get outdoors either. Unless, all your hobbies are outdoors but then it shouldn’t be a problem for you because you are going to do something you like. Even working out, get your heart rate up, is a good way to lose some stress. Just try it.

I saved the most difficult one for last. It will take a lot of strength and motivation that you may not have at first. Stand infront of a mirror and talk to yourself. Weird, I know. But I am serious. Nothing negative but all positive thig. I want you to tell yourself that you are strong. That you CAN accomplish things. Tell yourself that tomorrow you are going to go to that event you where thinking about bailing on for days now. Do this every day. Stand there for 5-10 minutes hyping yourself up.

Why did I say this is the most difficult one? Because, you have to start believing what you tell yourself. When you tell yourself you are strong, feel strong. When you tell yourself you are an amazing human being, feel amazing. Because you are.


I hope I helped, even if it is only one of you. Anxiety can suck. If any of my tips helped you, let me know. Or if you have something that helps that I didn’t mention please let me know as well!