Spice Up Your New Year with Yoga Holidays in India

Yoga Holidays

Holidays in general and especially vacations around the New Year create a sense of nostalgia along with a joyful space in our life. But, how about refining your lifestyle by experiencing the healthful bliss of a yoga retreat or enrolling on a yoga teacher training course in India? Well, reset your wellness goals for the New Year as you plan a yoga sojourn to India. India is the birthplace of yoga and especially Rishikesh in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is a watering hole for all yoga-related activities. So, folks, spice up your new year with yoga holidays in India by visiting this land of yoga and Ayurveda.

This blog will walk you through certain short-term courses and yoga TTC India programs which you can enrol in during your New Year vacations. Let’s take a look.

Short-Term Yoga Courses 

Pranayam courses

Yoga is a vast field encompassing various pranayama course methods, Kriyas, meditation and other complementary elements. Winters are a good time to practice yoga and pranayama or breath control techniques. As a generalized notion, during winter one tends to become lazier and experience stiffness in the body. Practicing yoga during the winter months is especially useful as it not only alleviates stiffness and accords flexibility but certain pranayama are specially designed for the winter months to alleviate chest congestion, boost immunity and eliminate the lethargy that most of us experience during winters.

As per yogic sciences, each one of us is blessed with  ‘Prana’ or a life force which most often remains dormant within us. Yoga includes Pranayama or breathing techniques that help channel this energy source to boost our physical and mental health. Besides, pranayama techniques can be learnt by almost everyone. Moreover, learning pranayama techniques can enhance your physical practice of asanas while also preparing your mind and body for the ensuing meditation practices.

There are many yoga schools in India and particularly in Rishikesh that offer short-term ( 2-3 weeks) Pranayama or breathwork courses.  However, you might want to go through the course contents to know the suitability of the course.

However, most Pranayama courses are designed in a way that can be considered a yoga retreat for those planning a wellness holiday around the New Year. 

Yoga For Weight-Loss

How about stepping into the New Year with a lighter and toned version of yourself? Well, despite the generalized notion that yoga predominantly works to calm and relax you, this ancient art can also become your on-the-go weight-loss tool. Besides, yoga does not require much paraphernalia except for a yoga mat. So, if you are looking to shed a few extra pounds, then there are a plethora of weight-loss-related short-term yoga courses that you can pursue in India.

However, the kind of yoga practised also has a huge impact on your weight loss goals. For example,  Ashtanga Vinyasa styles or hot yoga have predominantly weight-bearing and aerobic poses that enable weight loss. Besides, Power yoga is specially designed for weight-loss purposes. You can build muscles while burning calories by performing these yoga styles. Besides, you can come across several fusion-style fitness yoga courses that combine yogic postures with cardio exercises therein helping in weight loss. So, as per your age, health and other aspects, choose a yoga weight-loss program that best suits your needs.

Meditation Retreats

Meditation and yoga share a close relationship and a yoga routine is said to be incomplete without spending some time in quiet contemplation. So, folks, find your inner zen this new year by immersing in meditation retreats during your holidays around the New Year in India. The Indian topography has some unique geographical features such as the mighty Himalayas where Rishikesh, the ‘yoga capital of the world, lies on its foothills. Then the flowing holy river ‘The Ganges’ and the religious and spiritual flavor of the Indian cities of Haridwar, Dharamshala and Varanasi offer a perfect ambience for experiencing spirituality through meditation. You will find many Vipassana centers, Osho Ashrams and Art of Living foundations across India that practice different forms of meditation. 

Most of these places offer short-term meditation courses spanning not more than 2 weeks wherein you can experience a tranquil atmosphere apt for meditative practices.

Ayurveda Retreats

How about learning the ancient science of Ayurveda and also indulging in luxurious Ayurvedic spas admist the scenic beauty of the Himalayan foothills or the lush green escapades of Kerala? Well, spice up your New Year with yoga holidays in India by enrolling in therapeutic Ayurveda retreats. Also, yoga school in Rishikesh, India offer many Ayurveda short-term courses that you can take up while on a New Year holiday in India. These courses include introductory knowledge of Ayurveda, the medicinal value of herbs and following an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle for overall well-being. Besides, the more elaborate Ayurveda courses also encompass the theory and practice of Ayurvedic treatments encompassing oils, massages and other treatments. Learn and experience the famed Panchkarma detox therapy and step into the New Year on a revitalized note.

Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Are you an avid yoga practitioner who practices yoga both on and off the mat? Well, then it’s about time that you take your regular yoga practice a notch higher in the ensuing year by enrolling in the much sought-after yoga TTC India programs. Depending on your expertise level, you can either choose to do the beginner level 200-hour such as the 200-hour ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh or the more advanced 300-hour and subsequently 500-hour yoga teacher training courses in India. 

However, irrespective of the course level you intend on pursuing, make sure that you enroll only in those yoga TTC India programs wherein you can avail the Yoga Alliance certification in Rishikesh or for that matter in any other Indian city.

Your takeaway!

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there has been a rising trend in seeking yoga wellness retreats, especially during the much-awaited New Year holidays. So, ditch your routine holiday plans and instead spice up your New Year with yoga holidays in India.