Making the Most of Your Vape Kit

Vape Kits

Vape kits are one of the finest replacements of conventional smoking and other harmful methods of nicotine consumption! In most areas, vaping is significantly less expensive than smoking. We’re sure if there was anything you could do to experience even greater vape tastes, you’d do it. 

So, in this article, we’ll go through everything you need to do to experience the most incredible vape tastes with every puff.

Consider Changing Your Vape Coil

People using high VG e-liquids must change their coil and wick weekly. Less frequent vapers may get away with replacing their coils once a month. A used coil will give your vape a dry, hot flavour, cause your e-cigarette to create a gurgling sound, and leak e-liquid into the battery unit. Japanese organic cotton is a popular wick choice for vapers seeking more e-liquid flavours. In contrast, ceramic wicks are recommended by sure expert vapers.

Keep Your Vape Kit Neat and Clean

Your e-liquid will taste better with a cleaner and newer coil, wick, and tank. Dismantle your kit and run warm water through the glass portion of the atomiser.

 It’s also crucial to clean the battery connector with a cotton swab or dish towel. It might increase vapour production and improve flavour. Use premium quality vape kits such as Voopoo Drag S or Voopoo Vinci for a better and more pleasurable experience!

Buy E-liquid That You Love the Most!

If you still need to like the e-liquid, no tweaking with your vaping setup will ever improve it. Instead of adjusting your vaping gear for improved flavour, find your ideal vape juice first. As long as you never stop trying, you will undoubtedly find a taste you enjoy because hundreds of various e-liquids available today.

Choose the Right Hardware 

If you’re searching for a new e-juice atomiser, getting the proper gear for you is essential. Vaping devices include adjustable airflow settings and several coil selections, allowing you to experiment with different inhaling patterns with a single device. 

Direct to Lungs Style Inhaling: Since your device’s powerful atomiser saturates your lips with vapour when you inhale directly into your lungs, you experience a powerful flavour. People who enjoy sweet e-liquid scents are particularly fond of DTL inhalation. It works best with throat impacts that are minimal to nonexistent when using low-nicotine e-liquids.

 Mouth to Lungs Style Inhaling: 

Suppose you prefer a powerful throat hit or the mildly peppery flavour of a higher-nicotine e-liquid. In that case, MTL inhaling is an excellent option. The thin mouthpiece on your device sends the vapour directly to your tongue, giving you an extremely refined flavour when you inhale mouth-to-lung.

Adjust Your Power Setting!

High voltage produces giant clouds and improves the vaping experience!

As long as you use the same tank and e-juice, vaping at 60 W produces significantly larger clouds than vaping at 30 W. It appears simple (and it is). Still, a few things to consider before turning it up to 100 W.

When you increase the amount of power running through the vape coil, you increase the amount of heat created, which is why you need that more airflow.

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