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Jain Farm is the right choice. Are distributed in 2 systems. The property is located in a residential complex or in a quiet residential area. Less than 5 km away you will find buses, taxi ranks and supermarkets. Jain Farm offers a place to call home amidst the beauty of nature.

Jain Farms, a village farm, resembles modern day villages. The various villages are managed and cared for by elderly people.

Location: Bagalur Road, Malur Road (Hosur). Nearest Airport: Kempegowda Airport Natural beauty at your disposal.

Jain Farms Bangalore heals the heart instantly. Because of this, Jain Farms Bangalore is a popular holiday spot where friends and families can have a great time. You can enjoy the beautiful and spacious grounds on 700 hectares. But you also have the opportunity to take part in many activities, including fire shows, magic shows and award-winning pottery. The farmhouse gives a rural city feel.

The strength of this property lies in its tranquillity. Families can enjoy indoor games to make the most of their day.

Activity Information Check

In at the resort and leave at 10:00 for an exciting day trip to Jain Farms Bangalore. Spend time at home with astrology, price guessing and mehendi. You also have the opportunity to play pottery, pool activities and other related themes. You can leave at 12:30pm for a delicious vegetarian meal with your group and then relax until 2:30pm-2pm.

Enjoy a variety of activities, then pause for a cup of tea at 4:00 PM. Other activities include horse dancing and magic shows. Enjoy pure joy and many memories when you leave the premises at 18:00

How do you get there?

It is about 6 kilometers from Bangalore. The complex can be reached by public or private transport. The nearest railway station is Bangalore Railway Station, approximately 6.2 kilometers away.

The resort is approximately 40 km from Kempegowda Airport. Fly out of the big cities.

You can also enjoy these other activities.

It is very different from other Gurgaon farms.

From Haldi to The Dreamy Passage

Jain Farms is the perfect home away from home when looking for an unexpected vacation with friends and family. It’s simple, quiet and cheap. This meets all your holiday needs, whether you want to relax under the gazebo or soak up the sun while reading on the lawn. Take advantage of the different views to make the most of your vacation.

The Party Hub

Jain Farm offers simplicity in their kitchen as well as the luxury of taking a bath or listening to your favorite music in the spacious lounge. A mini fridge and TV are available for those who want to relax with a glass of wine.

Things to do at Jain Farms

  •         Find out the prize
  •         Village Games
  •         Pool
  •         Mehendi
  •         Pottery Machine
  •         Outdoor Play Equipment
  •         Indoor Games
  •         Ox Cart Ride
  •         Musical Chair
  •         Relaxing and thoughtful Corporate Meeting

Jain Farms is a professional service if you are looking for a place to impress clients and do business.

Our minimalist meeting room overlooking the beautiful lawn makes it easy to win. You can order a buffet in advance and the meeting room is air-conditioned.

Why choose Jain Farm?

Jain Farms is a family run hotel in Bangalore. Jain Farms also offers a 24-hour front desk and access to newspapers.

The pool and restaurant are also available. Jain Farm offers free parking. Jain Farms is just a short walk from popular restaurants such as Food Junction (2 km), The Rasoi (0.6 km) and Grand Kerala Mess (2 km).

You should always have something to take away

  •         Sunglasses and hat
  •         Bottle of water
  •         Valid government-issued documents
  •         Cash
  •         Sunscreen
  •         Comfortable clothing is important
  •         Avoid excessive jewelry
  •         Avoid wearing flip flops

These are the rules of this property

  •         No unmarried couples allowed
  •         No singles allowed.
  •         No pets allowed.
  •         The property does not accept credit/debit cards.
  •         Parties and private events are allowed.
  •         Visitors are welcome
  •         Recommended for children
  •         Pets are not allowed
  •         Guests have full access to the kitchen so they can prepare their meals.
  •         Smoking is allowed on the premises


A must for a short visit if you love nature. It will bring you closer to the natural world. Enjoy quality time with your loved ones while visiting a Jain farm near Bangalore.

Participating in the daily activities at Jain farm is a great way to enrich your loved one’s day.

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