How to hire the right staff for your cleaning business

It’s important for a cleaning company to hire honest, hardworking workers with a proven track record – not just a hot body walking through the door.

It is your responsibility to hire an employee who can easily adapt to your company’s cleaning practices, which should otherwise be very strict when entering private homes. Imagine having a personal housekeeper for your family, someone who has access to the most private part of your life – your home. If you don’t give a certain person full access to your home, don’t let them into your clients’ homes. This is why you must have a complete history of your candidates. Make sure your application forms ask for work history for the last 20 years – add “add additional pages if needed” to your application.

Check the references carefully.

When calling for references, ask for “HR” instead of the person on the application (Some applicants refer to a “friend” – not management.) If HR can only provide dates of employment, ask if the candidate is available for rehiring. Then ask if the person listed in the application as a reference can be a company reference.

A solid work history and a family life are important elements that your employees need. Obviously, if the candidate has been unemployed for at least a year and has no good reason to leave, your company is more likely to do so. Of course, there are exceptions; some young people may be exceptional workers but lack solid work experience. In this case, you should check school credentials and religious leaders, and then follow your instincts.

In this recession, many of us are trying to start a business with low start-up costs.

 Car cleaning is one of those businesses that has the potential to be very profitable but has low start-up costs. So how do you start a business like this?

First, you need to decide what type of car Rengøringshjælp service you are going to offer. Decide if you want to get rid of private cars or used cars that can be sold to the public at local car dealerships/repair shops. You may also consider cleaning taxis for your local business. I know a hardworking person who cleans up the dead. It sounds strange, but even during the recession, dead cars, taxis and cars for sale have to be clean. You can also consider cleaning the limo – it’s big, but it still needs to be clean. Then there are the local trucks/vans and if you are really brave/energetic – the big trucks. Your challenge is to find a company that is looking for these services.

Once you have decided on the auto cleaning industry,

you need to decide whether or not you want a mobile kiosk. A cell phone will help you reach most of the businesses listed above, and a landline will help you with drive-through and private vehicles.