How to Estimate the Cost of Granite for Kitchen Countertops?

Granite Worktops London

Granite Worktops:

Granite is an elegant material and an excellent way to be a valuable addition to any kitchen. Made from volcanic material that lay under the ground’s surface, the magic of time has proficient granite with complicated patterns and designs and sometimes glitters. This makes them a favourite choice for high-end kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Granite slabs decrease distance, and the best dimension is vital. Here are a few steps that you can take to make sure you measure your Granite Worktops London successfully.

Tools required to measure for granite countertops:

Essential tools are required for measuring your granite countertops. This standard and reasonable equipment will help you plan your granite countertops. Much of this equipment can be discovered in any house. They are not expensive to buy and are a superb investment for many home upgrades requiring specific measurements.

Tape measure

It is critical to pick a tape measure that permits you to read the measurements down to a portion of an inch. Use retractable tape with a metal blade because material tapes can stretch and, therefore, may affect the measurements. The stronger your tape measure, the extra right your dimension could be.

Graph paper

Graph paper will provide a further precise countertop size calculator instead of plain white paper. Standard graph paper is marked off via ¼-inches, which will help you record your measurements more easily.


Pencils are better than pens for marking your measurements; they may be easily erased in case of errors. It is exceptional to have an eraser available or, as a minimum, a pencil with an eraser tip to accurately correct if needed.


A simple calculator will assist you in multiplying and dividing to get the proper study to your measurements. Because measures can be in fractions of ¼-inches, it can be hard to do these calculations without a calculator, and phone calculators also are proper.

Granite Worktops London

A helping hand

Ask someone for assistance; a different set of fingers will help you avoid errors or getting incorrect measurements, as the tape can accidentally move. There is a super benefit of having someone there to keep the tape; this may make an excellent difference, especially while measuring kitchen counters.

What size slab is required for granite countertops?

Countertop measurements and your stone slab

Because granite is a natural material, the size of the slabs can also range from manufacturer to manufacturer. Generally, the period of a granite slab will be between nine to 10 toes long;

The width can be between five to six ft long, and the thickness will roughly be about one 1/four inch thick. The length of the slab desired might be particular to every kitchen, depending on the scale and design of the countertops.

Artistic designs along the grain

For suitable granite countertops with beautiful cuts, you need to work with a dealer to find a suitable slab with grain to praise your kitchen. It is a masterful art to line up the kitchen cutouts of your countertop to align with the grain at the granite slab. These artistic designs will add to the beauty of your kitchen countertops.

Great methods to use the remains of your granite slabs

Since granite countertops consist of cutouts in the type of slab, it is manifest to have materials left over. These remnants may be utilized in innovative and inventive methods, from decorations for smaller countertops or crafted to a ramification of family products. The most popular way to make use of granite remnants is inside the form of a countertop feature visualiser to add decorative designs to your kitchen countertops.


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