From Blogging to CFD Trading – Side Hustles to Get You Extra Income

When you think of side hustles, the first thing that probably springs to mind is being unavailable or expensive. In other words, you may be unable to work from home, or you may need financial resources to launch your venture. But what if there was a way to make money side Hustling without compromising on your standards or your personal life? What if you could do it from home, and still have time for family and friends? That’s what Side Hustle Revolution is all about. It’s a new kind of side hustling that puts the individual first by making it possible for anyone who wants it to earn money from their own ideas and talents — without having to give up work, responsibilities, and a steady 9-5 job. It all starts with a simple question: What if you could make money from your own ideas and talents…and still have time for family and friends?

Side Hustle: What is It and How Does it Work?

A side hustle is a little bit of work that comes with plenty of room for growth and achievement. There are plenty of side hustles that can make money from the side, and those listed here are a few examples. Side Hustling is the act of spending your time and/or money on a sideline activity that gets you out of a 9-5 job, and enables you to earn money for your startup or for your ideas and/or services. The term “side hustle” can also refer to a business that is solely focused on providing services to customers as opposed to a company that produces products, such as an attorney who works exclusively as an attorney and never works on a project-to-project basis, or a web developer who never builds a single product.

How to Make Money Side Hustling

There are many instances where being able to work from home (or on your own) is the best option for you and your business. There are also instances where working from home is not the best option for you and your business, so a side hustle may be the perfect solution. You can start a side hustle from scratch, by creating an idea and then developing it into a business. Or, you can use one of the many side hustles that already exist. There are many different variations of side hustles, including: 

  • Blogging – Writing articles and posting them on websites 
  • Dataentry – Filing data and completing tax forms 
  • Data Management – Managing data and managing projects 
  • Negotiations – Negotiating contracts and other legal documents 
  • Photography – Taking photos of products and services, logos, etc. and posting them on websites 
  • Real Estate – Owning and managing rental properties 
  • Writing – Writing blog posts, menswear reviews, luxury goods reviews, and corporate reports

CFD Trading as a Side Hustle
If you are serious about making good money on the side, you want to consider trading contract for difference (CFD). First things first: what exactly is a CFD trading? This term can be confusing. The basic concept is that of a contract to buy or sell a security. As advised by a CFD trading provider in Germany: think of it as an online auction where you can put yourself in the middle of the auction and bid on the spot price or contract price. If someone offers you the same amount for their stock as you paid for yours, you can take that as a sign that it’s for sale and buy it. According to a CFD trading provider in Germany, this type of trading is a good source of extra income, especially for professionals who have appetite for high-risk investments.