Abaya’s Online Shopping

Shopping online can be very hectic if your fashion style is unique. The Abaya is common with Muslim women from the Middle East, Asia and North Africa. It comes in various colors, cuts, styles and embellishments, but the traditional Abaya is black.

The Abaya has evolved over the years, and gone are the days when you could only buy it from your local seamstress. Brands are now selling unique designs online, and you need to know how to shop for the right Abaya for your body and style. This post will teach you how to buy the perfect Abaya online.

How to Select the Right Abaya Based On Your Body Shape?

Before you jump into your correct size, you must first know your body type. You might choose the right size but find that the Abaya does not fit you because of your body size. Here is a look at the different types of body shapes to help you figure out which one matches yours.

Apple-Shaped Body

The apple-shaped body is heavy at the top with features like broad shoulders, a wide torso and a full bust. If this is your body type, you should go for a loose-fitting abaya or a streamlined abaya. Front abayas and butterfly abayas should be right in your alley.

Pear-Shaped Body

The pear-shaped body has slim shoulders with most of its weight in the hips, thighs and buttocks. If this is your body type, we recommend an abaya with tight sleeves with a flared bottom right from the waist.

Rectangular Shaped Body

Also known as a box-shaped body, the rectangular-shaped body is the most common body type where the size of the hips and the bust are well balanced. The measurements of the bust and the waist are almost similar. We recommend choosing abayas that do not have a flared bottom to give you a sleek look.

Hour Glass Shaped Body

An hourglass-shaped body has wide hips and a narrow waist. If this is your body type, go for an abaya with a loose-fitting top and a wider bottom. These abayas will help enhance your style while maintaining modesty.

How to Take Your Measurements When Shopping Online?

Before shopping online, pick one Abaya that you wear and feel fits right and place it on a flat surface and take the measurements as shown below.

  • Full length: measure from the highest point of the shoulder to the bottom of the hemline
  • Bust: measure across the armpit corners from the front the double it to get the correct measurement for your bust.
  • Hip: Measure the hip line from side to side, then double it to get the right hip size.
  • Waist: measure the side-to-side waistline measurement and double it to get your actual waist size.
  • Sleeve length: Use the tape to measure from the lowest point of the shoulder at the beginning of the seam to the bottom of the cuffs.

Keep your measurements close when shopping online to compare the sizes offered on the website. Our website shows precise size details in the bust, hip, waist and sleeves. You can choose your best fit, Abaya, without worrying.

How to Checkout From A Website?

Once you have chosen the Abaya of your choice and checked its length and size, you need to move it to the shopping cart. If you are already registered on the website, you can quickly check out, but if you haven’t, you will need to provide your address and other details to check out.

After that, you will get a prompt for a secure payment option. It can either be internet banking or a debit/ credit card. Once you have paid, you should receive an email with the invoice and the shipping tracking details.


The secret to getting the perfect abaya fit is how comfortable and elegant you feel while wearing it. Abayas are a massive part of the modest, fashionable women and shopping for one should not be a problem if you have the proper considerations in mind. At Al-Maryum, you will get high-quality abayas at the best prices in the market. We also ship to your doorstep without any struggles.


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