7 Awesome Gifts for New Mums in Dubai, UAE

Becoming a mum is one of life’s most beautiful experiences, but it comes with different emotions. Many women transition into motherhood differently, and the best gift to a new mum is tailored to their needs. If you a looking for ways to pamper a new mum through those first strenuous days, we have made a list of some of the most thoughtful suggestions that we guarantee will make a feel special.

Breakfast in Bed (Have It Delivered)

Nothing says ‘I care about you’ more than breakfast served while you are in bed. Taking a new mum to her favorite café when she just gave birth is tough. So why not bring the café to her? You can order her an Instagram-worthy breakfast straight to her doorstep.

Order her favorite cup of coffee with her favorite crepes or any other breakfast option that you know she will love. She will feel very pampered and loved.

Get Her a Cake

If the new mum has a sweet tooth, a box of sugar cupcakes will hit the mark. You can order a whole cake or get her customized cupcakes packed in a mum-themed box. She can enjoy the cake with her favorite drink while feeding her baby.

A Personalized Necklace

If you are looking to get the new mum a timeless gift to last her along the long feeding nights, we suggest getting her a beautifully crafted necklace that will be great for any occasion. These necklaces are made of recycled material and are the kind of piece she will never want to take off. The modern appeal of the necklace is an excellent fit for any style.

Sleeping Pajamas

Comfortable sleeping wear is the perfect gift for a new mum. They probably spend most of their time in bed or in the house, so they need comfortable cute wear to stay in the house. When shopping for comfortable loungewear, it is essential to consider the mum’s style. You do not want to get her something that she will never wear. 

Ease Her Washing Load

Another excellent gift for new mums is ensuring their laundry is taken care of. You can use an app to order the washing service to her home and get them to pick up all her laundry and get it back when it is clean.

You have no idea how this small gesture will go a long way. Cleaning can be a headache when you have a newborn baby. However, please do not make this the only gift for her, and you can add a personalized gift for her to make her feel extra special.

A Box of Fruits

New moms can eat whatever they want, whether to eat loads of chicken for breakfast or butter soup for lunch and dinner. However, once the post-labor frenzy settles down, she will need to nourish her body with food that is both sweet and healthy.

A box of tropical fruits is a thoughtful gesture. You can customize the box from the vendor with various fruits that the mum will love. The best part of gifting fruits is that they require no preparation and can also be eaten with one hand as she nurses the baby.

A Viewing Subscription

New mums spend much time at home for the first few weeks, which can be hectic and tiring. She will want to switch off the responsibilities and switch on the TV occasionally. Many new mums say binge-watching their favorite shows and re-watching their favorite shows is very comforting during the post-partum period.

You can get a streaming service subscription that she doesn’t already have. There are many to choose from, including Netflix, Disney Plus, Hulu, and Criterion. You can also gift her an Amazon gift card so she can select what she wants to watch from Prime Video Collection.

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