18 Traditional Rajasthani artificial jewellery Pieces Every Bride Must Have

18 Traditional Rajasthani artificial jewellery Pieces Every Bride Must Have

Without the right artificial jewellery, no outfit is complete. In the same way, an authentic Rajasthani wedding ethnic jewellery set makes Rajasthani attire more interesting. Every piece of jewelry that Rajasthani brides often wear on their Big Day has been covered, head to toe.

1. Matha patti artificial jewellery

On the crown of their heads, Rajasthani brides typically wear this type of head jewellery. Typically, Kundan, Meenakari, or Diamonds are used to make it.

2. Sheeshpatti

There is Sheeshpatti, a type of head artificial jewellery, which is comparable to Mathapatti. The only variation is that it is worn as a headband lower on the head. It is currently popular among brides who enjoy trying new things.

3. Borla

Once more, it is a piece of head artificial jewellery with vibrant and alluring patterns. Instead of the customary flattened pendant, it is created as a bell-shaped one. The most popular designs feature Kundan motifs embellished with Meenakari work.

4. Nath

Every Rajasthani bride wears this piece of nose jewellery, which is adorned with a tiny Kundan, to look lovely and regal. Your attire now appears heavier and more regal as a result.

5. Kundan Butti 

It is an artificial jhumkas variant that includes embroidered Kundan. These earrings will give you a blend of traditional and modern cues. This looks fantastic with a Rajasthani outfit, but it also looks stunning with any bridal lehenga.

6. Kanthi or Aadh ethnic necklace 

Kanthi is a choker that has a rectangle or square shape and is one of the glitziest and most well-known types of Rajasthani jewellery. This traditional ethnic necklace set is made of gold and has kundan and polka as decorations. It’s very difficult to match the glitz of the Aadh if you want to add a touch of royal charm and punch to your overall appeal.

7. Timaniya

It is an additional choker artificial jewellery design that features uncut diamonds. One of the most exquisite pieces of imitation jewellery set a bride can wear is this.

8. Hasli

Nowadays, girls wear has, modest but substantial gold-plated artificial necklace, not just during the wedding but also during the holiday season. This jewellery looks great with both traditional and semi-western attire. It appears bold despite being simple.

9. Raani Haar

Princesses everywhere now are your chance to flaunt your neck with this Raani Haar ethnic jewellery set. Its beauty when worn by a bride cannot be adequately described in words. Get in form of a pearl kundan set.

10. Bajubandh

The top armlet is called Bajubandh. The Bajubandh is a regal decoration because of the elaborate meenakari stonework that has been etched on gold.

11. Tagdi

It is typically worn by Rajasthani brides and is known as a Kundan, Polki, or Kamar band made of gold. Wearing artificial jewellery pieces will highlight your waist’s form.

12. Bangadi

Bangadi is a pair of thick, red-lined, gold bangles with a little, spherical, gold protrusion covering them. Bangadi is unquestionably a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for elegant and traditional bangles.

13. Gajra

Adorned with stones and pearls, which were once worn as bangles but are now more typically used as hair accessories. When you blend gokharu with it, it looks lovely.

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14. Choora

Choora can be found in a wide variety of vivid and brilliant patterns and styles. This jewellery is the ideal fusion of old and new. In India, brides don these ruby bridal bracelets.

15. Haath Phool

Haathphool is a hand accessory that enhances the palm and the rear of the wrist. It is a wristlet that has finger-friendly rings.

16. Bichiya

Toe rings known as bichiyas are fashioned of either gold or silver. There is a scientific justification for why you should wear bichiya frequently, and Rajasthani women frequently do.

17. Payal

 The heaviest anklets, which are often composed of silver, are worn by Rajasthani ladies. The wearing of gold on the foot is considered unlucky, hence it is generally believed that this should be avoided.

18. Kaanbali/Surliya

Surliya should be on your list of essential traditional Rajasthani jewellery if you want to radiate an antique, opulent, and royal appearance on your D-Day. Beautifully crafted with intricate meenakari or kundan work, it’ll boost your sense of style and add a dash of tradition. Swarajshop is the perfect kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers for your Rajashtyani jewelry needs.

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