Travel Diary – Edinburgh

I have been to Edinburgh for two times already. And I’ve fallen in love with the city. I am planning to go again soon. Even study there for a bit as well.

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You can go see Victoria street which is a street build on a street. Sounds weird, I know. But it creates this beautiful medieval image you have to see.

On this road, there are two Harry Potter shops. The Diagon House and the Boy Wizard are the two shops you should see if you are a fan of the boy who lived.


On the off chance the weather is nice (for Scotland this means no rain), you should visit the Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh. From Princess street it is 15-18 minutes by bus or half an hour by foot. It’s this big park with botanic gardens inside of it. As a student you can go in for free but else, it is not expensive. The park itself is free for everyone.

Inside the Botanic Gardens you’ll see all kinds of tropical trees, flowers and other plants. There is this one room full of cacti which was my favourite. They did there best to make it as beautiful as they could.


Being the Supernatural fan that I am, when I heard of Dean Village I had to go see it. It has no relation with the tv show but I still had to see it.

it is this fairy-tale like village with an amazing architecture. If you go there from Belford Rd. near the Britannia Hotel, you’ll have to walk next to the water of leigh which is a small walk but worth it. Follow this road until you are in the middle of the village. Here you can see the architecture and a little further The Dean Bridge.


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Again, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you should go to the City Chambers. No, it is not underground. It is next to the Real Mary King’s Close. Here you can find J. K. Rowling’s handprints on the ground. Yes, I know, pretty cool. If you want, like me, you can check if you have the hands of a writer. Fun fact, mine where an exact match 🙂


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The one thing everyone will want to see is, off course, the Edinburgh castle. You will have to pay an entrance fee but, again, worth it. After entering you can join a free guide who will tell you all about the history of the castle. Be sure to go before 1 a.m. At this time the canon will go off to let everyone know it is one o’clock. Be warned, it is LOUD. After the tour you can wander around for yourself and go inside different buildings. Visit the Whiskey shop if you want. Again, worth your money.