My Unwanted Friend

I can feel the dark
Isn’t that strange?
I can actually feel the dark

It puts his hands around my throat
And his weight on my chest
Making it hard to breathe
Or to catch my breath

I can hear the dark
Isn’t that strange?
I can actually hear the dark

His words fill my mind
As he whispers in my ear
Speaking of nothing but insecurities
Things I don’t want to hear

Dark, he is my unwanted friend
Unwanted, because he fills my mind with darkness and then leaves
My friend, because he’s the one I can always count on to come back




I’m sorry I’m making you feel uncomfortable
Making you want to run away

I would’ve put my mask on
But I’m getting it cleaned today

A new smile, new face
Same emotion to portray

Because I know I can’t trust my face
To say

That everything’s alright
It will all be okay

Even though this fight
Gets harder every day


I’ll be fine then I’m not
Don’t know what to do

Angry at myself, the world
Emotional too

But how much I scream
with tears staining my face

My porcelain mask
will cover every trace

A wide bright smile
A stone-cold touch

And no one will know
That it hurts, so much


Now you don’t need to worry
And can continue your day

I’ll deal with it myself
Even though I wanted you to stay