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That is particularly true for housing that is accessible to those of limited or modest means. A series of studies on Oxford Houses suggest they promote a host of positive outcomes at substantially lower costs compared to standard continuing care after residential treatment. These outcomes include not only substantially better abstinence rates, but also increased rates of employment and lower rates of criminal recidivism.

  • To provide ongoing training and support for members, program participants, and the community.
  • Information on the RRA website should not be construed as legal advice.
  • ​We are developing a network of safe, effective, and high-quality recovery providers who provide the environments essential for recovery from all forms of substance use disorder.
  • Our board members, recovery residence operators, affiliates and volunteers provide the momentum that helps us affect change.
  • They are gender-specific homes with no time limit on residency which allows for the development of long-term sobriety.
  • This webinar will explore the benefits of CBHAs and how they can provide coordinated, comprehensive behavioral health care to individuals in need.

The vision of the RRA is to build an accessible network of trusted recovery residences in the San Diego County region that foster the dignity and empowerment of the individuals they serve. Will maintain a continuous level of professionalism and mindfulness in our unwavering commitment to those we serve. The Society of Addiction Recovery Residences cherishes the ideal of improving the standard of living and quality of life for our residents. We embrace the responsibility to our residents, their families, and the communities affected by the disease of addiction, in all forms, to enhance their lives and those they love through respect for the recovering individual’s disease through compassion and empowerment. If you are looking for a recovery program or sober living facility please go directly to the list of GARR members here.

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  • The NARR Standard promotes the delivery of quality recovery support services in community based, residential settings.
  • When your application, including all supporting documents, has been approved, your certification specialist will initiate the exam process.
  • Level 3 residences offer a paid staff supportive environment that offers life skills training and peer-based recovery supports.
  • Our goal is to provide a platform for mutual support, accountability, and resources for operators who desire to provide safe and healthy residential communities for people in recovery from substance use disorders.

We encourage Recovery Residence owners, residents and others to consult legal counsel regarding any matter related to landlord/tenant rights, patient rights, care and treatment. CCAPP, along with the National Alliance of Recovery Residences , has developed minimum standards for Recovery Residences . Standards are the first step in the process of the industry regulating itself. Please carefully review all of the credential documents before applying for certification. Please carefully review all the credential documents before applying for certification.

Certified Residences

Our February 8, 2023 training meeting was held at Palm House Recovery in Athens, GA. The training was a panel discussion on the topic of Gender Specific Care in Recovery Residences. DCF will notify FCB when the review is complete and eligibility has been determined. If DCF approves your background screen, FCB will begin to process all other required certification documents.

recovery residence association

Oxford Houses do not have resident staff managing the individual houses however the model includes training and oversight from the local network of houses and state association, along with technical assistance from Virginia outreach workers. The system encourages the development of leadership skills and self-efficacy and allows residents to learn or relearn values and responsible recovery behavior. Oxford House’s uniquely peer-supportive model has a long record of requiring its houses to meet high-quality standards.

Certified Recovery Residences in Virginia

In contrast to a rating system (e.g. one star versus four-star), the NARR Levels distinguish between types of recovery residences, which differ in the kind and intensity of services and supports they provide. Diversity within the continuum is important, because recovery is a process. Individuals need various types and levels of support at different stages of recovery. Matching an individual with the appropriate level of support is both recovery supportive and cost-effective. The degree of monitoring and regulation in recovery residences varies widely from setting to setting.

recovery residence association


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