I KILL GIANTS – film review

I KILL GIANTS – film review

A film from 2017, made by the producers of Harry Potter, now released on Netflix.

I Kill Giants is a movie about a girl, Barbara Thorson, who is not accepted by the people around her. She is differently dressed and has a big imagination. There are many serious struggles in Barbara’s life. She finds a way to escape from the reality that is her life by creating a fantasy world where her demons are portrayed as giants. Unlike in her real life, she finds ways to outsmart these giants.

When There is a new girl from the UK, that insist on becoming friends, Barbara finally has someone to share her world with. But, for her, the line between real and fantasy is non-existent. Her friend plays along to let Barbara enjoy what she is doing.

The school psychologist, played by Zoe Saldena, has developed an interest in Barbara and her stories about battling Giants. In their conversations certain subject come to light that have a deep effect on Barbara. Bit by bit, she learns what could be the cause of the development of Barbara trying to be a hero in her own story.


Later in the film, Barbara’s friend finds out just that. The real monster. Barbara tries to fight it with all she got. Will she succeed? What monsters is Barbara really fighting?


It was a Saturday night when I was looking through Netflix to pick out a film to watch. Not wanting anything deep or romantic, I chose this film. The film title gave me the idea it would be a fantasy film about a girl who is misunderstood but in her own way a hero. What I got was a film with a great storyline with many layers. And even though it was the ‘deep’ film I didn’t want to see, I was not disappointed.

There is a lot of symbolism to real life problems that don’t have the awareness it should have. Without spoiling the end of the film, which is the best part, I can only say that this is a film you should put on and watch. Don’t think about it until you are half way in the film.
Let me know what you think of the film!