3Commas Review 2023 Crypto Trading Bot Pros, Cons

3commas rebalancing

This trading bot for Binance offers real time performance reports. This strategy is just an attempt to find the indicator NEAR values for the trading bot service that I use . Due to the use of the “request.security” function in the code, the indicators can be redrawn, but this is not important in history.

  • The LCX Terminal connects to major exchanges and combines them into a single trading desk.
  • 3commas is not a scam, the company is registered in Estonia and has a lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot and other sites.
  • For more than five years, 3Commas has been iterating and improving its core proposition, making it one of the leading automated cryptocurrency trading services in the market.
  • Your trading strategy can be programmed to construct your main trading bot.
  • The platform is also coming out with its GRID and Arbitrage trading bot.

BingX, a crypto social trading platform, was founded in 2018. BingX, a crypto social trading platform, is committed to providing users with the best cryptocurrency trading strategies. It also ensures that users invest in a transparent, easy-to-understand and engaging manner.

What is the most successful trading bot?

At the time of writing, 3Commas also boasts a huge community where traders help each other. This not only sets the platform apart from other automatic trading bots, but also provides users with an additional support mechanism. Although 3Commas has only been around for a couple of years, it has already managed to gain a certain level of popularity in the cryptocurrency sector. Today, any review or discussion of the most popular cryptocurrency trading bots does not go without mentioning 3Commas. Access Cryptocurrencies and Stock Indices, Commodities, and Forex markets with one account. Our industry-leading technology will help you improve your trading results.

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Pionex Review in 2023 Pros & Cons Is Pionex good for beginners?.

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Backtesting — Always backtest your trading strategy before making it live. While backtesting, you will need historical bitcoin and other crypto pricing data. Therefore, choose a platform with sufficient pricing history. Mobile App/ Mobile View — On mobile, you can monitor your trading bot easily. Therefore, always choose a trading bot with proper mobile support.

Does Smart Trade on 3Commas support margin and future trading?

Traders can select a price where they want the bot to open trades, then it will continuously monitor the price and open and close trades depending on the selected trading price range. If you are going to copy the bots created by other traders, you will be able to see the statistics and performance of the bot before choosing to copy them. Lack of advanced order management settings with less effective stop loss and take profit settings. This bitcoin trading robot allows you to create your own technical analysis. There are many Binance Crypto Trading Bots in the market, and choosing one is difficult.

3commas rebalancing

I hope this 3Commas review provided you with all the information you need to determine whether or not the platform is right for you. If you are still on the fence about deciding whether or not crypto trading bots are worth it, we explore those questions in our Crypto https://www.beaxy.com/ Bots- Complete Guide. 3Commas is one of the top 3 leading crypto bots on the market. Zignaly is a popular trading bot that introduces a unique fee structure and no minimum investment limits to provide the crypto community with equal access to automated trading tools.

These quick, easy, and secure ways to fund your account are free. The HF app puts financial markets and your HotForex account in your hands. It can help you understand markets with trading tools, the most recent news, and financial analysis. HotForex offers a variety of accounts, trading software, and tools that allow individuals and institutions to trade Forex and derivatives online. If all other factors are equal, profitability could be the deciding factor between two crypto bots. The best crypto trading bots generate the most profit, which is the intention of all traders.

I recommend Pionex; they have the best mobile app for crypto trading. Furthermore, the open-source crypto trading bot is available on Github, and 3commas rebalancing you earn Superalgos tokens by contributing to the project. Furthermore, Mizar offers a marketplace where official traders can share their bots.

AI GRID bot – new powerful crypto trading bot on 3Commas

Top alternatives are certainly Cryptohopper and Bitsgap, as cloud-based platforms, and Margin.de – as a locally run software. 3Commas connects with your exchange account via API keys that do not have XRP withdrawal rights. Additionally, 3Commas does not route activity through their servers but works directly on the exchanges.

Impressive range of supporting user guides and tools to help traders. Bridges the gap by providing advanced bots to inexperienced traders. Traders can choose from a range of trading bot templates or create their own.

Pionex is first and foremost a top-rated cryptocurrency exchange. However, alongside the ability to trade the crypto markets, Pionex also offers traders the ability to utilize crypto trading bots. The exchange was first launched in 2019 and has always focused on providing the best crypto tools for traders. Now marketed as the ‘pioneer exchange with leading 3commas rebalancing crypto trading bots’, bots have become a distinguishing feature and help to set the exchange apart from its competitors. Wunderbit facilitates the buying and selling crypto assets directly using a credit card, i.e., you can buy bitcoin with a credit card. Furthermore, the platform provides crypto trading bots to help you automate your trades.

3commas rebalancing

After that, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan in order to continue using the service. However, 3Commas strongly discourages providing full access APIs with withdrawal permissions. The platform protects customers from having funds fall into the hands of fraudsters.

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Best Crypto Trading Bots in 2023.

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If traders do run into trouble, the platform also boasts a detailed ‘Knowledge Base’ and ‘Blog’ which should help to answer most queries. When committing to an annual membership, monthly prices can be halved to $14.50, $24.50, and $49.50. In comparison to other crypto trading bot platforms, 3comma’s pricing is very reasonable. Although the internal flexibility of Pionex bots is good, there are also a few downsides that prospective users should be aware of. Unfortunately, there is no option to create a strategy from scratch, which means traders must work within the realms of predefined strategies.

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It is highly recommended to maintain high standards of security hygiene across all platforms linked to 3Commas. Additionally, 3Commas users have access to an informative blog section with articles on important features, updates and industry news. Other than that, there is a FAQ and contact page with email addresses specific to various departments such as support, billing and affiliates; location address information and a contact form.


Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss – through 3Commas, you can set both take profit level and stop loss concurrently, and the bot will close your position whichever situation happens first. Currently, 3Commas works with over 20 different cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, FTX, Coinbase, and more. On 3Commas, there are lots of additional settings and even an option to short.


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